There have been a number of leadership opportunities in my career. I have been the chair of an academic department and the leader of a variety of musical performance groups. In a leadership role, I do not consider myself a "boss," but rather a collaborator and organizer. The collaborative nature of my leadership style is most apparent in the academic world, where chairing a department is often likened to "herding cats." You can't lead them; you can only hope to influence the direction they decide to take.


Information Technology Systems Advisory Council
Organized and currently serve on an advisory council providing input on campus educational technologies, including classroom technologies and online learning environments.

Pedagogy "Think Tank"
Invited member of an advisory group working to provide online resources and community activites focused on effective teaching practices.

Excellence in Undergraduate Education
Coordinator of the University's Excellence in Undergraduate Education grant program. I manage proposal submission, review, and monitoring grant activities for more than 20 faculty recipients each year.

Committee Chair
Chaired two University strategic planning committees focusing on various aspects of e-learning and effective online pedagogy.

Envisioning the Future of University Teaching and Learning
Organized a campus-wide event focusing on the future of teaching and learning in higher education.

Department Chair
Chaired the Department of Educational Leadership for 15 years, supervising more than 12 faculty.

Graduate Program Director
Served as program director for the Instructional Technology Master's Program.