I have presented the results of my research and other activities in many ways, including academic conferences as well as professional development settings in public schools, universities, and business settings.


Course Design Workshops
Co-designer and co-presenter for this event.

Mentoring Blog
Authored several posts for a faculty mentoring blog hosted by the Faculty Development Center.

Teaching Talks
Worked with six presenters to create multimedia presentations in support of their talks about online teaching.

Flipped Classrooms
Presented several workshops on flipping classrooms to emphasize student project work instead of lectures.

Design-Based Research
Invited presentation on design thinking for instructional design at a conference sponsored by the Association of Educational Communications and Technologies.

Design Studios
IPresented results of usingdesign thinking and design studio pedagogy into Master's program at a meeting of the American Eeducational Research Association.


Design in Studio Environments
Invited presentation on a novel instructional design and development model derived from film and digital media production models.

Learning Experience Design
Advocated for user experience design processes as a new approach to instructional design.

Facets of Design & Research
I elaborated my ideas about treating instructional design as a design activity rather than a "science".

Instructional Design and Design Research
Illustrated the parallels between educational design research and the instructional design process.

Research Presentations
More than 50 presentations of various research projects at higher education research conferences.

Professional Development:

Games for Learning
Presented ideas related to using games as instructional and learning activities.

Classrooms as Studios
Advocated a new approach to teaching that treats classrooms as design studios.

Workshops and Seminars
Organized and presented more than 35 professional development events for K-12 and university audiences.